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Chill Pill

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AIGNE Film Group Presents A Michael Steven-Paul Film and A Serious Series Production in Association with Bella Bond Media Group and Broadwater Media Group

CHILL PILL is a good ol’ slapstick comedy that takes us into the world of Brandon Jenkins, a thirty-something-year-old advertising representative who can’t seem to keep clients due to his friend Kermit. Kermit is a dreamer with aspirations of becoming rich but there’s only one problem, none of his get-rich-quick schemes seem to work. While at home Brandon is watching the local news and sees an interview about a gentleman who found a diamond ring. The problem for the gentleman who found the ring is that it’s the same ring that Brandon buried along with other items for a class project. Brandon recruits Kermit and his other best friend Chloe, who has been in love with Brandon since middle school but never told Brandon. Now the race is on to retrieve the ring and Brandon will do everything and anything in his power to get it back. Chill Pill is full of fun and laughs that will go down as a classic.

Release Date: August 4, 2020
Rated R
Run Time: 2:30:18